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Chaya Anne Goldberg Harrison

Mont-Royal – Outremont

Chaya Harrison is a Montreal Cegep instructor for the English and French Early Childhood Education programs, specializing in Health and Safety. She is passionate about creating inclusive and successful learning environments for her students, who come from diverse communities from all over the world.

Married to her supportive husband and a mother to six wonderful children, Chaya completed her MA in Educational Technology at Concordia University. When interning at Agence Ometz, she partnered with local community organizations to create a Child Sexual Abuse Awareness campaign. Chaya is active in facilitating workshops on healthy boundaries and relationships.

Chaya’s commitment to principles and policies that reinforce the belief we are all Quebecers who want to be treated equally, regardless of language, religious practices, or dress, led her to join the Canadian Party of Quebec as a candidate. Her goal is to contribute to the creation of a cultural environment whose laws are based on rights and freedom, not coercion and prejudice.

A vote for the Canadian Party of Quebec is a vote for the right for all people to live in a respectful, welcoming, and prosperous society.