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Dr. Arthur Fischer, MBBS, FRCPA


Dr. Fischer is a medical doctor and a dermatologist with a specialization in pathology. He graduated from the University of New South Wales and completed his training at the world renowned Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

His parents were Holocaust survivors, with his father born in Auschwitz, and came as Displaced Persons from France to Australia after World War II. He is the first person in his family to finish high school and to finish university.

Dr. Fischer worked as a consultant pathologist in anatomical pathology for a number of years before opening his own laboratory specializing in dermatopathology (skin pathology).

He was awarded an honorary Membership of the College of Dermatology for services to Dermatology after many years of teaching.

A newcomer to politics, Dr. Fischer is dedicated to fixing the advanced state of disrepair of Quebec’s healthcare system, exposing the reckless incompetence of the current Government during the pandemic and to building a a patient-centric healthcare system in Quebec.