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Jonathan Gray


Mr Jonathan Gray is presently working as a high school teacher at Laval Junior Academy, in Chomedy Laval, teaching science and technology. He has been with this particular school for 15 years. While there Jonathan has participated in various committees and boards including teacher council and governing board. For the last 10 years he has created and organized a community garden project where members of the school population and residents from the surrounding condominiums have come to participate in a shared passion – local gardening.

Before becoming a teacher, he lived and worked in South Korea. Jonathan is actively coaching the Dollard U12 soccer team. He is busy with his son, wife and 2 dogs. They frequently go camping and are passionate for the outdoors.

In the last Federal election, Jonathan ran as a candidate for the NDP in the Lac Saint Louis riding, in the west end of Montreal. At the time, this felt like the most reasonable federal party. He ran with the hope to locally protect remaining green spaces and find solutions to housing crisis. He is a strong advocate for fair and easy access to an updated health care system. He also continues to advocate for a strong bilingual education system. He also encourages financial support and other means for small and medium businesses.

Jonathan believes strongly in the ideas of the Canadian Party of Quebec (CAPQ). Rights are rights ! He strongly opposes and wants the unfair and unjust bills (96, 21, 40) repealed. We are all Quebecers and the current government should not make some Quebecers feel less desired than others. No more running away from the place we were born in or moved to, let’s fight to make our home a place worth staying and living in.