Economy and Public Finances

  1. Inflation concerns in 2022 and local solutions to alleviate them
  2. Reduce the Quebec sales tax
  3. Abolish Revenue Quebec
  4. New tax brackets for more fairness
  1. Many economists are worried about the extent of inflation over the next few months, with some worried about the longer term. We all see signs of inflation, whether it’s gas or groceries. Rents have also steadily increased. Here are some local solutions that can help:
  • Create a better social climate for growth. Divisive laws on language and religion do nothing to improve economic growth.
  • Address the affordable housing crisis.
  • Personal responsibility, the government cannot solve this problem alone, citizens who carpool, use public transit, gardening and other cost-cutting measures can help alleviate the sting of inflation while improving the environment.
  1. Reduce the QST from 9.975% to 8%. The QST is a regressive tax, which means that it affects proportionally more low-income Quebecers. A tax cut would spur consumer spending when the economy improves after tackling inflation.
  2. Abolition of Revenu Québec. This measure will save Quebecers approximately $500 million per year. Revenu Québec is a redundant collector.
  3. New income tax brackets. Person earning $250,000 – pays $1,752 more in income tax. Person earning $169,000 – break even. A person earning $92,580 (income net of highest tax savings) – saves $915. Person earning $46,295 (lower limit – saves $452.

Canadian Party of Quebec Response to the 2022 Inflation/Cost of Living Crisis.