Energy, Environment & Climate Disruption

Canadian Party of Quebec announces Environment, Energy and Climate Policies

« A livable environment needs to be a basic human right. »

MONTREAL, QUEBEC – The Canadian Party of Quebec (CaPQ) has introduced its Environment, Energy and Climate Policies.

The CaPQ firmly believes that a livable environment is essential to the future of humanity and all living species. The current population has a moral responsibility and ethical duty to preserve the natural world as much as is still possible for future generations.

Furthermore, CaPQ considers a livable environment to be a basic human right. As part of our programme, the Party wants it to be an enforceable legal right.

The Party fully acknowledges that many environmental and climate-disruption-related issues are global problems and therefore must be addressed at national and international levels. However, there are still many progressive policies that the Province of Quebec can contribute to.

“It’s time to define Quebecers’ provincial Charter right to public space. A new article, 46.2, will be included in the Quebec Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms, creating a constitutional “Public Trust doctrine” that offers protection against ecological prejudice. In addition, this section will provide for solicitor and client fees supporting environmental protection plaintiffs,” said CaPQ Leader Colin Standish.

Highlights of the CaPQ Response to the Environmental Crisis:

  1. Enshrining environmental protection in Quebec’s Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms.
  2. Levies on Hydro-Québec’s annual earnings to fund climate research.
  3. Integration of UN definition of sustainable consumption into major policy initiatives covering all aspects of life.
  4. A plan to completely decarbonise Quebec’s economy by the year 2050.
  5. Government initiatives, selective public-private partnerships (PPP) in carbon-neutral and carbon-negative industries for the benefit of the public good.