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Highlights of the English Language Services Act (ELSA):

  1. Legislative guarantees for English-language services: Provincial government entities must make an active offer of English services, meaning that these services must be evident, available, accessible, and of comparable quality to French services.
  2. English Language Services Ministry and Minister: A ministry of the public service to be known as the Ministry of English-speaking Quebecers will be established. The functions of the Minister will be to develop and co-ordinate the policies and programs of the government relating to English-speaking Quebecers and the provision of English language services. Among other duties, the Minister may review the availability and quality of English language services and make recommendations for their improvement.
  3. English Language Services Ombudsman: An Ombudsman will be appointed to conduct investigations into the extent and quality of compliance with this Act, pursuant to complaints relating to English language services made by any person or on the Ombudsman’s own initiative.
  4. English Language Services Commissioner: Acting as an independent agent of the legislature to report on implementation of the Act and aided by the Office of the Commissioner of the English Language.
  5. Healthcare: The English Language Services Act will include a right to health services in the English or French languages, and a right to access to other language services.